early chassis info request

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early chassis info request

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Have been given a donor chassis to assist with the restoration of our CCKW 353, and out of curiosity I checked its chassis number.
I am a little puzzled as my GMC knowledge is not 100% and I have no reference books with me.

The chassis number is CCW 353 8013 B?

This chassis has been used on a farm on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia for many years. Unknown wartime history, and the hard cab (what was left of it) had been removed by another collector.

Just after any general info and date of manufacture.

Just curious....have looked on the CCKW site at the production data but nothing comes up....
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Re: early chassis info request

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Hi Darrin

CCW = Standard Cab, 6x4
353 = Long Wheelbase
B = Cargo Body, with Winch
? should be either the numeral 1 for Split type Axles or 2 for Banjo.

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Additional info added.
The Chassis code on the truck as given is a little confusing. A 6x4 with winch? I didn't know that such a critter existed.

David Doyle's CCKW Historical Reference on page 84 refers to a contract with the Soviet Union and states that ' This group of trucks included for the first time ever CCW vehicles equipped with winch.' He goes on to say, 'Originally it was planned that production of these trucks would begin in January 1943 but in August 1942, the Army decided that it was preferable for Yellow Truck and Coach to focus its efforts on 6x6s for the US Army and the final order for 29,550 CCWs was cancelled. The Soviets reeived Studebaker US-6 6x4s instead. The book thus closed on CCW production'.

Make of that what you will. Is the chassis you have a part of the cancelled contract? Did it leave the factory with a winch installed? Did it in fact leave the factory as a 6x4?

Other possibilities are that the number was stamped incorrectly with the K left out or that perhaps you yourself have made a mistake? No disrespect but who hasn't suffered from fumble finger?