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The best restorations are done by those who are patient and research every detail with no set deadline as to completion date. The best advice will come from those who have demonstrated their ability with a restoration of their own that is turnkey and original in all respects. Best way to decide who the experts are is to take a look under their hood, chassis and inside the cab. You may be shocked at what you see.

Some will claim that their mods are done for speed, relaibility and convenience of parts, this is not necessarily so. Ask for a pic of their mods or better go to a show and take a look for yourself, you may be disappointed at the sight of tangled wires, leaking wheel seals, and dangerous mickeymouse hydrovac mods.

The original TM's and SNL's are the best guide for proper repair and rebuild. They were not written with the future restorer in mind, but the Becker books from Europe, are a good guide as well as the recent Tankograd CCKW book.David Doyle and Bryce Sunderland have also written and illustrated som very good articles in AM , Supplyline and Military Vehicles.

Restoration to OEM spec is possible and very reliable.
Note the CCKW that was driven 1600+ trouble free miles round trip to the 2009 MVPA convention, it was factory stock.
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