Forgotten CCKW grease fittings

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Forgotten CCKW grease fittings

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I'll bet a good percentage of CCKW owners have never greased the Trunnion Bearings on their CCKW. They are located in a recess beneath their rear spring seats. Changing the bearings and races on the Trunnion Bar is not a pleasant job, even worse is having to replace the Trunnion Bar. The late improved Grease Seal Kits for them are non existant in the US, and there is no equivalant aftermarket seal.
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I had the trunnion shaft off for various repairs of the chassis of my CCW during restoration & decided to do something about the sealing arrangement at the time.This truck is to be used regularly (although not huge mileages) in the future - cleaning & repacking of the bearings every 6000 miles didn't excite me.

I set up the spring seats & bored them to take neoprene seals. Likewise I machined corresponding seal diameters onto the trunnion shaft itself. This was a simple job that only took a few hours & although not original, was one modification I was prepared to make for the sake of practicality- (like the alternator ! :oops: Although that was pretty much a necessity due to the many starts and short run times it will often do)

If anyone is looking at the trunnion/spring-seat modification, I needed to use 4.125" x 2.75" seals. These allowed a combination of sizes that the parts could accomodate.