Early Chevrolet 4X4 used civilian axles?

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Early Chevrolet 4X4 used civilian axles?

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Not really, they were Corporation Axles made for GI Chevrolet Military 4X4, and used the same brake shoes, hubs, and drums that CCKW did, except the parking brake was of the cable type as the first 4X4 G506 did not use the brake band installation on the transfer. This would be changed soon.
Some with Banjo CCKW with Gov't rebuilt axles may discover that their Backing Plates are from early Chev 4X4.The extra slots above the Wheel Cylinders are a give away.
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You should post where the statement was made so people can follow: :)

The point I was making was that the axle housing was the civy one with the parking brakes on the rear drums because (in the case of the auger and telco truck) there was no parking brake on the xfer because the top rear shaft was live and was used to drive the winch and auger if equipped.

It is not exactly like the civy one in that the hubs, axles (splines) and side gears in the diff along with the 6.66 x 1 are different