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Many of you are in search of NOS CCKW parts, and upon receipt of that part :D may have a tendency to let curiosity get the best of you :?: , and it does on occasion. The temptation to want to look inside that NOS Carburetor, Distributor, Voltage Regulator, T-2 Fuel Filter should be resisted, if not, your CCKW may not run as well as it did before you installed the NOS part :wink:
What may then happen is that the confused :? CCKW owner will then seek the advice of others who may suggest that you try this or that idea :roll: to your truck, and the end result is that you now may end up with an unraveled CCKW with many more new problems from well meaning novice owner mechanics who have given their favorite universal cure all, :roll: and your CCKW will continue to be deadlined.

A tip on receipt of a NOS AC-T-2 fuel filter, install it as received, if you choose to remove the bowl, you will always ruin the Gasket :( it sticks to the housing, resulting in an air leak, the CCKW will not start, or attempts to start but will not keep running. Some will then solicit advice from well meaning fellow collectors, resulting in advice :idea: that will have you taking other items apart and hopelessly disabling your CCKW :roll: while performing what should have been a simple fix.

NOS T-2 Gasket sets are available from Frank von Rosensteil, Army Jeep Parts, etc.

Remember the old saying "Curiosity killed the cat", the same is true if you do not know what you are doing on your CCKW, as it is a complex machine to the untrained. A very thick book could be written with all the I told you so's that went unheeded.

Many of the problems that happen to a CCKW are covered in your TM, everyone should have one. It is best to consult your TM first.

It is OK to hire a mechanic, they are not expensive, they are priceless. :wink:
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