Free Delivery Dayton MVPA - M100 & WWII Generators

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Free Delivery Dayton MVPA - M100 & WWII Generators

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Free Delivery Dayton MVPA - M100 & WWII Generators

It appears the the genrators are sold. M100 is still For Sale.
If you are interested in the generators anyway, contact me and I will save your contact info in case the sale falls through.

Photo Links and Details below. M100 Has sandblasted rims in and out, Like new tires, and repacked wheel Bearings. All generators are WWII and all are cleaned up and painted WWII 33070 O.D. Gens sets are great for display or reenactors. They are for display only. Details on each item below photo links. Thanks.

Bob Stopka 850-624-6319 MVPA # 3986

Here are the links:

M100 ... tore=&prod

WWII 5 kw Army Corps of Engineers PE-197 Generator w hERCULES 4 cyl ... tore=&prod

WWII Homelite Generators ... tore=&prod


3 WWII Signal Corps portable gen sets are only for display but are cleaned
up and painted WWII 33070. They all have data plates. They are $ 75.00
each, but package deal of $ 200.00 for all 3.

M100 Has like new tires, 700x16 ndt's, no cracks, 99.5 % tread. Rims are
sandblasted and primed in and out, painted 33070. All wheel bearings
cleaned and repacked. Trailer is strait overall. Sides are excellent, has
lunette, and landing leg. Needs some hole welding and straitening on front
and rear panels. Front and rear panels can be useable with repair as a
combat class restoration, or for reenacting. For a first class restoration,
I would replace the panels. I would replace the floor, or patch the bad
sections with floor from another trailer floor.

In the M100 sits the WWII Signal Corps 5kw Generator. It has all the data
plates and are in nice shape. I cleaned it up on the outside. I have
painted it WWII 33070. It looks real good as a diplay piece. It would be
neat sitting in a Ben Hur, MBT, or the back of a CCKW. Insides sits the
generator and Hercules 4 cyl gas engine with magneto. I have the TM that
came with the generator, which tells you how to start and operate it.
I have not tried to get it running, but the guy I bought it from said it
used to run well.

For 5kw generator, I need $ 225.00 out of it, thats providing I can get the
M100 sold for $ 625.00 I can bring the 3 small generators up in my van,
I can only haul up the 5 kw if someone buys the M100. I can sell the M100
with or without the 5kw gen set, but would prefer to sell both at one time,
and will sell both as a package deal for $ 800.00

5 KW Generator Details......

WWII PE-197 Hobart 5 kw Army Corps of Engineers Generator

TM 11-940 05-September-1944

First Data Plate Says…

Nomenclature: Corps of Engineers US ARMY
Gen Set Portable GE D
Stock Number: G175-635-8145
Make: Hobart
Model: PE-197
SN: 4737
Engine: Hurcules
Model: ZXB
Engine SN: 1147019

Second Data Plate says:

Nomenclature: Corps of Engineers US ARMY
Gen Set AC
Make: Hobart
Model: PE-197
SN: P-4737
Volts: 120
Amps: 52
KW: 5
KVA: 63
Cycles: 60
RPM: 1800


Bob Stopka
MVPA # 3986
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