WC57 For Sale

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WC57 For Sale

Post by senschu »

Very new to Dodges can anyone advise ref some simple things to look for when viewing a WC57 ( purportedly)
Data plate?
What should be on this
Serial no’s VIN,chassis,engine,frame any other identification numbers and where should they be
How can I tell if body chassis engine are wartime period
Common issues or faults?
Anything else I should be aware of?
Thanks in advance for any help
Technician 3rd Grade
Technician 3rd Grade
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Re: WC57 For Sale

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Hola Senschu,

Toda una vida para aprender un poco sobre los Dodges y vienes tú y lo quieres saber todo en un minuto... :D :D :D

Lo primero es leer buenos libros.

B.R., Juan.