Faulty master cylinder symptoms?

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Faulty master cylinder symptoms?

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We all like to give the Chinese heck over the slope top MC problems, but what exactly are the symptoms of a faulty one?

I have new lines, MC, brake shoes, and just had the drums turned.

I get a solid line of fluid at the front 2 hoses, but the rears are half air, half fluid when my Son pushes on the pedal. An hour of bleeding, and the brakes are getting better, but still only at about half pedal.

Is their a chance that the MC is not pushing enough psi to clear those rear lines? Who here gets brakes almost as soon as they press the pedal??
Ray Edsall
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Re: Faulty master cylinder symptoms?

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G,Day Pareos . Did you bleed the longest , rear first ,then the next longest rear , then the next longest front , and finally the shortest brake line ? This is the way to correctly bleed brake lines . My wc53 stops when you take your foot of the accelerator ' Rolling resistance of a slug .O well it never gets much over 45 mph .As for the Chinese master cylinder , good luck . Cheeps Ray