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Thanks to Gordon i am back in!

I have a May 12, 1943 copy of TM 9-808 (no mention of supplied spare parts or location). The tool picture above for the WC63 is the same.
Section VIII states:
Space for carrying tools and equipment is provided in each vehicle as follows:
Weapons carrier, Telephone maintenance, and Emergency repair: space under front seats
Carryall: tool box under drivers seat. Tire chains in space to rear of right wheel housing.
Ambulance: in locker boxes along right and left sides of interior body.
Command: in the rear deck compartment.

The tool bag was common to virtually all the soft skin standardised vehicles.

As I understand it the metal parts box was a late war addition and was also supplied to GMC 2.5ton and Chevrolet 1.5ton.
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I'm just gonna put these here...

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