Stolen jeep - reported by Horrocks

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Stolen jeep - reported by Horrocks

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Taken from a private, enclosed field in Essex this morning 21/06/2014, a Willys MB that has been owned by the same family since the war, having come originally from the nearby 387th BG airfield at RAF Chipping Ongar. There is a lot of sentimental value tied up in this vehicle.

The Jeep isn't currently running, so if any UK G503 members saw a Jeep on a trailer in the Ongar/Harlow/Chemsford area this morning or during the night, please contact me on 07762 529410.

For good measure these people left the gate to a field full of horses off its hinges, half a mile from the A414. Almost miraculously, the horses hadn't even noticed and were all safe.

Gordon, in Scotland

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Re: Stolen jeep - reported by Horrocks

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Probably scrap thieves- saw it sitting, figured it was theirs for the taking... Any pics? I'd also keep an eye on e-bay and the like...

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