WC54 Litter fittings

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WC54 Litter fittings

Post by Steve »

Hi - I am looking for the roof fittings - two rings and the two "horns" - anyone got any for sale. These are missing from my WC54 and need them so I can hang the stretchers. Also the two end panels from the rear tool box's, these were missing from the shipment I bought from a dealer in France - don't know why.Steve
Technician 3rd Grade
Technician 3rd Grade
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Post by JBizal »

I have a few trinkets from a 54 I parted out. Contact me at jbizal100@midwestmil.com.
Regards, John
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Post by Jim_n_Tx »

I have one extra roof fitting (a "horn"), slightly pitted but usable. Email me at jim088@hotmail.com if interested in it. The two end panels are just sheet metal - I can get measurements of them if you need that. I need the door latching mechanism for the passenger side rear door, if anyone has that. I also have an extra set of the rear step stops - the pieces that bolt to the bumperettes for the step to rest against. Again, they are somewhat pitted but restorable (these have no extra holes).