For Sale, Top metal Door Corners for Carryall, Ambulance

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For Sale, Top metal Door Corners for Carryall, Ambulance

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Door Corners for Dodge W, WC and WD series Carryall, Ambulance, Panel, and Canopy Express. These I saved from a 41 Dodge Ambulance about 20 years ago. If you have any of the above noted trucks with bad doors or the incorrect non square cornered doors from a closed cab truck, you can mig these on to create the correct doors. You can find W series pick up doors much easier if you need to make up a set of square cornered doors. These have been sandblasted and primered. They are in good shape overall. Dimensions as follows.....

Drivers Side Passenger Side

Top Edge Top Edge
11" 12+1/4"

Rear Edge Rear Edge
9 + 1/2" 8 + 3/4"

Any questions, feel free to call me on my cell, 850-624-6319.
Bob Stopka ( MVPA 3986 )