Need 12 volt generator

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Ken J
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Need 12 volt generator

Post by Ken J »

Hi All:

I am nearing driveability for my WC-43 (didn't run when I bought it) and in the process of converting to 12 volt system, I have found I don't have the right voltage generator (the one I have stamped 12 volts will not make more than 9 volts at 2,000 rpm; as it only has two field coils, it appears to be a 6 volt unit).

If anyone has one they may part with, it would help me greatly. Or, if anyone can tell me which civilian autmotive applications would work, that would also be great.

I can disassemble, clean, paint, and repair bearings in one myself, so it doesn't need to be in pristine condition, but I don't want one that has a bad armature or bad field coils, as I can't repair those.

While I am looking for a negatively-grounded unit, I can use a positively-grounded one, as I know how to change the field leads.

Thanks for any help out there!

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Post by RANGER »

The original 12 Volt 55 Amp Generator is large and heavy, approximately 60 lb. It requires a special pulley and special mounting bracket and brace. The regulators are scarce too.
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David DeWeese
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Post by David DeWeese »

I have a few of those generators laying around. The bearings spin freely, but can't guarantee their serviceability. I have no regulators for them. Will go cheap. Best bet, (in my warped opinion), is to just install a mid-seventies Delco internally regulated unit on the truck for now and get in on the road, then wait until good original parts come around.