PTO Confusion

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PTO Confusion

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Okay. I'm finally getting to the dump part of my project. But have run into a snag. I've got a '44 Chev that had an early hercules body dropped on it back in the 1970's. Had never been hooked up. Last year I found an early truck with a perfection hoist. I took off the PTO, the drive shafts, bearings, etc. I took off the side plate on my tranny and bolted in the PTO (pic inserted maybe? maybe not). But I cannot get it to engage inside the trans.
I had assumed (hoped) that all the trannies were the same and that all the PTOs would work more or less. I've got a couple other PTO's sitting around here but they have different sized output shafts so the driveshaft issue becomes slightly more complicated.

Any thoughts?
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Sounds like something for Dr Deuce....

I can't belive the early and late trans had different PTO's, more likely your truck or the donor had a transmission swap at one time.

Since the early donor truck had the whole setup I'd have to guess your truck trans has been swapped, or it might just be one of those things.

Back to the donor truck and pull the whole transmission, maybe?
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