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Re: Tires

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G,Day all . In reference to the 900.16 tyres .There are 2 types of 900.16 tyres . One for the British vehicles, eg ferrett armoured car etc .And one for the American millitary Vehicles The old millitary tyres i have seen ,have for { American vehicles only } stamped on the side of the tyre. I think there is about 1/2 inch / 12 mm difference on the inside measurement . So just be aware of the difference .Please excuse my spelling of tyre . i try to use propper english . Ray .
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Re: Tires

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Tires arrived!
Looks ok, for now :)
Camac, Portugla...
on the side says:
Tread: 6 plies nylon + 2 plies nylon
Sidewall: 6 plies nylon

I will put them on and let you know am I satisfy.

Thanks everyone for help!
Best regards,

ps, really do not know how to put a photo here, if anyone is interested to see them, send me email