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Re: Overheating?

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Hi in the Forum!
I had the overheating problem too with my WC52, but only when moving up mountains with higher acceleration - I found out that my engine was running lean - that problem disappeared as soon as I adjusted the gas mixture to "more rich" on the adjusting screw outside of the carb.

My carburetor is a Carter - on this carburetor it is also important that the gasket of the carb - cover is 100% intakt, otherwise the gas mixture gets lean as well.
As mentioned further up in an earlier post a lean running engine can be diagnosed by a look into the exhaust endpipe - if it is not dark black there, your engine may run lean and will overheat.
June J
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Technician 3rd Grade
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Re: Overheating?

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Thanks Heinz,
I have solved the problem, it was a faulty temperature gauge.

Kind regards

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