Sale of WC51 Lohner Dodge in Oz

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Sale of WC51 Lohner Dodge in Oz

Post by BrianT »

Hi gents, I haven't posted on the forum for some time. Unfortunately due to ill health I am selling my Lohner, the restoration of which I described on this site over a number of years. The address at which the sale is advertised is: ... 1224616007

Thanks to everyone that has provided technical input and encouragement over the years.

1945 Dodge WC51 Lohner Radio Van
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Re: Sale of WC51 Lohner Dodge in Oz

Post by Gordon_M »

Sorry to hear about your health situation Brian, good luck with the sale.

Gordon, in Scotland

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Re: Sale of WC51 Lohner Dodge in Oz

Post by Kaegi »

I hope you mend soon. excellent job on the lohner. I dont think it will take too long to sell. good luck. :thumbup: