The Reason Why??

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The Reason Why??

Post by Robbo »

Pretty rare jeep I would think.

What would have been the purpose of such a creation when larger trucks would have been available (image back to front of course):

Use on soft ground or Navy carrier?? Anyone seen these in action?

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Re: The Reason Why??

Post by RANGER »

It does not take much water to make foam, I forget the size of the foam tank on the 530B 2/12 ton Pumper, but 50 Gallons might be it. The Foam additive came in 5 Gallon Cans.
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Re: The Reason Why??

Post by Frankie »

Nice picture...

and it's mirrord ;)

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Re: The Reason Why??

Post by GoranWC51 »

Here's the picture flipped, cropped and color fixed:

I guess the weight of the water tank must be substantial as they mounted twin wheels on each side in the rear.

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