All other trucks not mentioned above.
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A rare bred today, and parts are just as scarce.
These were not as numerous and were only a Department of the Navy responsibility. Surplus sales were normaly limited to US Navyand Marine Corps Bases. The Dealers who bought the bulk of the surplus were for the most part geographically located in coastal locations, that is where the Navy is, and for the most part long retired or long out ouf business. The spares released thru DRMO were but a trickle in the 60s, and there is no "one stop shopping", anywhere.
most of the drive line parts were sought after by the manufacturers of crane carriers, Bantam based a lot of their crane carrier chassis on th the powertrain of the IH 6X6.
The large dealers who stocked up on M5H6 parts were dealers such as Dixie Truck, Zeligsons, Firestone Motors, Willenskys (I miss ya Mitch), Downtown Truck (I miss ya Bob),
Houston Truck and Equipment (I miss ya Tracy), Rex Tex (I miss ya, Mr. Levy), Supreme Surplus ( I miss ya, Seymore), the list go on but they ain't there anymore.
Parts are spotty, at best now.

I have a stack of NOS Parts Manuals for the M5H-6, and a few odds an ends from the good old days.
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Hi Ranger,

I happen to have a M-5H-6 in reasonable shape but it sports a GMC bed.
Still looking around for the long wheelbase bed. Or the drawings of it so I can reproduce the bed.


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I believe most of us with these trucks are in the same spot. The beds are almost impossible to locate today. Most folks dont know the difference between the anthony/budd beds but we who know the trucks can tell a mile away.
I've been told of one in Idaho a few hundred miles away, but havent gotten good directions to go try and find it.