1945 Hercules T-6 Ben Hur trailer

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1945 Hercules T-6 Ben Hur trailer

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I have a nearly complete(other than wood) 1945 Hercules T-6 Ben Hur trailer available. It does NOT include the lunette, and I may swap the nose wheel(If I can get the one on my other one freed up, I won't) and I will need to also keep the rear panel top capping to make a pattern(and I could send it then, or directions, whichever works best)

It does have about 99% of its original metal parts. It also has the original dataplate. It does not include the upper rack boards. The parking brake is even free up & works, though it needs the catch attended to, but the wheels stop turning when you pull it into place! Taillamp(one only) is French, it was a 1980s bring back which had served (allegedly) with the French Foreign Legion. Also has the French added front mount spare carrier. If you are looking for one to restore/build/etc, this is a prime candidate!

ALL the wood is shot, but the metal is there. Easy tear down, for sure!

I'm asking $950. price is negotiable...

If you are interested, I am in NJ I can send pics if you are interested, but it will take a couple days... I just unloaded and have to get things organized ;)

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