FS Wood Ben Hur Trailer (CA) - SOLD

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FS Wood Ben Hur Trailer (CA) - SOLD

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I have an unknown mfg wooden Ben Hur trailer for sale. Missing original lunette and landing leg. The wood was replaced with plywood at some point in it's life and the inside floor has steel diamond plate covering the plywood while the inside walls has aluminum diamond plate covering the wood. Has many original parts including the tailgate hinges, chains & pins, fenders, parking brake cables & linkages underneath (missing handle), most rope hooks, and what I believe to be original tail light brackets but not 100% sure.

As seen in the pictures, a 2" hitch and aftermarket lunette ring were added, however the original drawbar has not been cut up. The new pieces were welded to the bottom of the drawbar A frame and would be easy to cut off.

This is either a great parts rig, candidate for full restoration, or a great utility trailer.

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Re: FS Wood Ben Hur Trailer (CA) - $600

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The forum quota for photos is full.

You have to download the photos to a image hosting site, I use flickr, and post a link to the image.

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