1941 Dodge 1/2 ton WC-15 Command Car

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1941 Dodge 1/2 ton WC-15 Command Car

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1941 Dodge ½ ton 4x4 WC-15 Command Car project found in the “dry air” of the Calif. High-Desert….this modified WWII truck has “good bones”….just needs a little persuasion to be the GRAND vehicle it was once. No rusted through areas. The pedigree is there…the frame serial number matches the data plate on the glove box door. It has the transfer case, but no transmission (I have one for sale). No radiator, or left front fender (and a few other parts). Luckily all the ½ ton WC 4x4 model body parts will fit this truck. The original body has the trunk area removed, and the balance of it has been made into a pickup bed, behind the front seat. Oh….it includes a tailgate too. The steering wheel is in good shape. The engine gauges are there (glass broken on right one) and no speedometer. The body and fenders are in good shape. The rims/tires in the pics belong to another truck..and I will replace with other original rims with tires that hold air. Includes the orig. 218 ci engine (missing parts). The grill has been changed. Priced at $1950 and sold with a Calif. DMV Bill-of-sale.
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