WC-12 for sale

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William Davis
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WC-12 for sale

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Complete WC 12 disassembled. Most of the truck is in really good shape. Prefer to sell the whole thing for 2K, but I will part it out. The previous owner dissembled, then quit project. I can apply for a title. I wanted the windshield, engine and running boards but I had to buy it all! Truck has longitudinal seat hardware and canvas hoop frames (for templates). Original radiator, rebuilt leafs, cab is nice, sandblasted with doors. Axles, shocks, drivetrain. Bedside , hood, splash guards are straight, Frame is okay (sandblasted). Truck is in CharlesTown, WV. Contact Bill
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Technician 3rd Grade
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Re: WC-12 for sale

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Bill. I seen this same ad on the PW page and dropped you a note.

can you send photos to my email address please?

I assume then if the entire truck were available the motor, windshield frame and the running boards are no longer with the truck as you needed these?

I would like to see all the remaining parts and condition.

If you decide to part out may be interested in a few items you listed here



thank you
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