WTB: WWII Military Front blackout marker lights

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Technician 3rd Grade
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WTB: WWII Military Front blackout marker lights

Post by daveyboy »

need two for the front fenders of a WW2 1/2 ton dodge truck...No need to be working, or perfect. I just need something to put on my wc-12 front fender for now. eventually will rewire to use as turn signal lamps.
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john smith
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Re: WTB: WWII Military Front blackout marker lights

Post by john smith »

I have a set of them on Ebay My handle is battlewagons
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Re: WTB: WWII Military Front blackout marker lights

Post by mannyc »

http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-BLACK-BULL ... 1p&vxp=mtr

I used a set similar to these on my command car. My lenses were different. The guide brand has the same bucket and profile as the military units. they look factory and work well. keep checking ebay. the stock bullet unit openings do not provide a big enough window to supply enough turn signal lighting.
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Re: WTB: WWII Military Front blackout marker lights

Post by ng19delta »

I'm simply drilling a pair of holes into the back of the blackout marker lens, and putting a pair of Radio Shack very bright yellow LEDs(PN# 276-0351) in, wired in series(with a 1N914 diode between) and a 7805 5v. voltage regulator (PN# 276-1770), wired to the turn signal feed wire. ALl original equipment will look & operate as original: when I want turn signals, the extra wires added(and one into the housing) will make the amber LEDs turn it into a turn signal. VERY effective, and almost undetectable when displayed...

On the development breadboard: Off-


I will probably use magic marker to darken down the exposed part- It does not affect the light intensity, but will hide the clear of the bulb...

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