WWII Dodge 3/4 Ton Parts

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WWII Dodge 3/4 Ton Parts

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I have some take out parts I can deliver to the MTA Military Vehicle Show in Sussex NJ on April 16-17th. I can send photos if your interested. I need to know by tomorrow night....sorry for the short notice.

I have the front supports and rear bed support from a WWII Dodge 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier. These were parted out from a late model WC51. These will work on a WC52, WC62, WC63 and WC KD64. Both pieces are in really nice condition, no pitting. The front support of the box that is under the header panel, has a slight twist to it at one end. It should be easy to heat with acetylene and hammer straight. $125 for all three pieces. I've had these forever and hate to scrap them.

Take out steering column and box from a WC51 $150
Late model steering wheel $50
Transmission case $175

Generator Autolite GDJ 4804 12v 55amp - really nice shape, tag is nice, pulley is missing and it's untested $150
Generator Autolite GDJ 48048A 9Y4947 12v 55amp - really nice shape, tag is ok, it's untested $150

I won't bring these things to the show unless someone wants to buy them.