WC-43 in southern California for sale by owner

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WC-43 in southern California for sale by owner

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Hi All:

Offered is one 1941 Dodge WC-43 United States Military Telephone Installation Truck. Marked for the 4th Army Air Forces, located at March Field (Southern California).

I acquired this truck as a cab, chassis, and drivetrain assembly (not running) and installed the telephone body later.

DRIVETRAIN: The entire drivetrain has been disassembled (excluding the axle differentials) and every bearing and seal needing replacement has been replaced. The engine was disassembled, cleaned and machined as necessary by an engine shop; the crankshaft had a journal spray-welded and all journals were re-ground. The camshaft was good and all new bearings were installed. The cylinders were re-bored but did not need sleeves. All new pistons and ring sets were installed. All pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, flywheel (reground), and pressure plate were balanced. I reassembled the engine (checking crankshaft clearances with plastigauge on all journals) carefully using three different assembly lubes as directed by the engine shop owner. I used a Snap-On torque wrench for all critical bolts and nuts. The water pump and water distribution tube were new. Before cranking the engine, I spun the oil pump with an electric drill to prime the engine oil throughout all of the oil passages. I use high-zinc engine oil (DELO 400).

The front driveshaft seems to be short, so the seal bushing nut will not thread on. The rear differential needs to be rebuilt to stop the oil seal from leaking. I went through the steering box and adjusted it to spec. The steering wheel still needs to be refurbished. The clutch pedal needs the pivot bushing replaced (included part). The transmission and transfer case were completely disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled with new bearings for the transmission and all new seals.

ELECTRICAL: I disassembled, cleaned, lubed, and painted the distributor, starter, generator, and voltage regulator. The wiring harness is new from Vintage Wiring of Maine; I installed a turn signal system and Vintage Wiring added the additional wires in the wiring harness. The system is 12 volt with a radio generator installed. The battery is about three years old. I have the two "blue light" assemblies for the headlight buckets; cannot find the blue lenses yet. All of the gauges and the speedometer have been reconditioned, and all of them work (although the gas gauge isn't very accurate, as is normal for this era of vehicle). I repaired the temperature gauge with a new capillary and it tested within 10 degrees of a digital thermometer.

I went through the fuel system, disassembling the fuel tank, cleaning, and sealing it; the fuel lines are new coated steel, the fuel pump is new, and the carburetor has a rebuild kit in it.

The exhaust had a new muffler; the intake and exhaust manifolds were sandblasted and painted as appropriate. The air cleaner was cleaned and painted. There is no governor.

I had to make several body parts; the cab is a civilian model (I didn't know it at the time) but is not glaringly obvious as I modified the cowl for a better hood fitment.

I unsoldered the radiator tanks, and dipped and cleaned all of it myself (couldn't get a good job at a shop here in California). I resoldered it all back together; there are presently a few pinholes in the core which weep slightly, but it is an original type "honeycomb" and looks good through the grille. I have not tried using any type of stop-leak.

BODY: The remaining body parts were all sandblasted and painted with Aervoe products. I used a lot of body filler for the hundreds of dents which I straightened as best I could but were not smooth; some of the body filler has developed hairline cracks. The driprail on the cab had some inches missing; I replicated it and welded on replacement. The bottom right rear corner of the under-cab foot was rotted-out; I made a galvanized section and welded that in. I made replica splash guards for the bottom of the engine compartment from originals. The screen in the cowl vent is missing. The driver's side front fender is from a model with the raised boss for a turn signal.

The original frame number was missing when I bought the truck; it had been stamped-over by California Highway Patrol; the original was not visible after sandblasting, either.

All new glass and weatherstripping was installed on the windshield frame; the door window glass is old. The headliner has not been done, but the three trim strips come with the truck. The seat has been reupholstered with new leather.

The original spare tire would have been a civilian size and would store inside the body; the military size does not fit, so I fabricated and mounted a spare tire carrier (four bolts).

The telephone body is an original type, but I had to fabricate a fuel tank filler tube "tunnel". One drawer and several trays are missing.

The rear bumper and ladder hold-downs were missing and I have not tried to find replacements.

The brake drums were turned, and I replaced all the steel brake lines and hoses, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder with new, using DOT4 fluid.

The tires were new with new tubes and flaps.

There are several hundred receipts; I have over $18,000 in this truck and over 250 hours. There is also a digital log with lots of pictures and notes of the work as performed.

This truck has been in a couple of magazines (Power Wagon Advertiser April 2010 cover, and I think 4Wheeler Magazine), was in the MVPA Transcontinental Convoy 2009 (Lake Tahoe to San Fransisco), Tower Park show, and several parades and shows with several awards earned.

Finally, I used this truck as an occasional mobile mechanic's truck, repairing old Dodges and other vehicles over a three year period.

There will be a K-38 trailer for sale shortly.

Current registration and title in California (normal commercial vehicle plates).

Located in Beaumont, California. Pick up or shipping from Beaumont, California.

Truck may be inspected and test-driven by appointment.

This truck is advertised in other media so this offer is subject to prior sale. Please do not contact me with a "low-ball" offer.

I make honest transactions and I do honest repair work (this truck has carried my children on highway). Pictures must be sent to a regular email address (no text, no eBay messaging).

California does not have a "Cooling-Off" period. This means that if you change your mind after taking possession of the vehicle, you will have no recourse. This vehicle will be sold "As-Is, Where-Is"; no warranty of any kind is offered nor will any claim be honored. No return will be accepted.

Full payment via bank-to-bank funds transfer or cash in United States of America Dollars will be accepted. No other form of payment will be accepted. Payment must be made in full by an agreed date and time.

You may view basic pictures by examining Item #152007808393 on e_bay.