Dodge military 1/2 ton closed cab wipers needed

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Dodge military 1/2 ton closed cab wipers needed

Post by daveyboy »

I am still in search of a set (or even one) vacuum wiper motor(s) with all hardware to mount in a closed cab 1/2 ton military.

I am told that the 3/4 ton military are somewhat different, so that's why I posted the 1/2 ton military need.
(personally I cant see how the 3/4 tons vary from the 1/2 tons, so Ill ask here if they are the same or not?... or a civy cab and a PW truck.. seems about the same?)

anyway I could use the drivers side foremost, but would like a set. I know they come up on ebay but I am not enough in the know to purchase like that
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