WTB: dodge 1/2 ton WC radiator

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Technician 3rd Grade
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WTB: dodge 1/2 ton WC radiator

Post by daveyboy »

Not sure yet Ill need one, but putting feelers out for a good condition, 1/2 ton WC military radiator to replace mine

I have the origianl radiator in the truck now.. and I know, using a laser thermo reader, there IS blockage on one side of the core.

knowing that these old trucks radiators were OVER built, even with blockage like I wrote it still works. and adequetly...but for how long?

Dont know.. so wish to explore finding a good condition, better than what I got, unit to purchase.

I seek a better unit, with no holes, no blockage and free flowing, and in good overall shape. Sure my current unit works, for now, but when summer comes, who knows...
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