WTB: Door Window Glass Lower Channel (drivers side)

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WTB: Door Window Glass Lower Channel (drivers side)

Post by daveyboy »

finally getting into the side door windows of my 1/2 ton dodge wc-12 military closed cab project.

I need a part.

I beleive that this part is called Door Window Glass Lower Channel. The glass sits in it, the metal upper surround attaches to it, securing the glass in place.. the window regulator arms go into this part as well, lifting or lowering the window.

I think my drivers door has a civilian version.. there is no provision to secure the window surround to this channel.. its supposed to have a few short tabs that a screw goes thru, thru the surround, and the whole assemby stays together.

anyway.. I seek one of these. for a military dodge truck using the upper metal glass surround. this is definately a left or right thing..

I need the left (or drivers) side if you have one to sell

not sure if the 3/4 ton and 1/2 ton are the same or not. if so, and if its in usable shape, and the tabs are good and solid, I would be interested.
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