WTB: Dodge 1/2 ton WC 4x4 (1941) transmission (Dallas, TX)

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WTB: Dodge 1/2 ton WC 4x4 (1941) transmission (Dallas, TX)

Post by daveyboy »

my new project is a hodge podge of different stuff... getting to the transmission, I can see its a 3/4 ton, but of what vintage, or vehicle, I cannot tell.

The gears inside are straight cut, indicating non-sycro. However, the top cover/shifter looks like it came off of a sycro tranny? go figure.

besides the obvious wear on the straight cut gears, I am not sure I want to install this unit.. for one, having the forward top shifter tower, it brings it more forward, closer to the dash. floor looks different because of it. dont like it

the more I think of it, the more I think I want a good condition proper 1/2 ton transmission for it.

anyone have one for sale, with gears and bearings and shifter all in good shape?

would have to ship if outside of the Dallas, TX area. willing to travel a few hundred miles however to get.

please advise! thanks all.
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