(SOLD)Dodge books for sale

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(SOLD)Dodge books for sale

Post by daveyboy »

ALL books SOLS - got a number of Dodge related books for sale. I bought them years ago, found them while cleaning out old books and such.

#1 book:
Dodge Power wagons
1940-1980 photo archive
by Don Bunn

great shape. probably thumbed thru it a few times.
amazon price new = 28.68
Amazon used price =23.86
this one price: 18.00 plus shipping.

#2 book:

Dodge Power Wagon photo history
by Monty Montgomery

amazon price = 25.13
no used ones to compare
this one price @ 20.00 plus shipping

again, probably looked thru a few times and then stored.. good shape.

I take paypal to above address.

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