QUESTION: speedometer/gauge interchange (M series to ww2?)

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QUESTION: speedometer/gauge interchange (M series to ww2?)

Post by daveyboy »

Ok guys. My previuos posts had me looking for some gauges, for my late model 1/2 ton dodge wc with military round gauges in the dash.

I am not concerned about the style, face of the gauges, etc, as long as they function, are in good working order, and do the job.

so.. as I am finding all the gauges so far, except for the TEMP gauge and the SPEEDOMETER and cable, I want to expand my search base to ALL military vehicles.

So, my question: once the military went to round gauges, did they maintain the same sized mounting holes?

in other words, if I found a nice temp gauge or speedmoeter from say a M37 truck, would it fit in the dash coutout for the Dodge ww2 truck?

same with all the gauges?

anyone know for certain?

If the do in fact interchange, my options suddenly grew.

Like I said, I am NOT concerned if the proper 50 amp vs 60 amp, or dial face correctlness, or MPH is correct. as long as it looks good and works and fits in the hole, I will be happy :D
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Ray Edsall
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Re: QUESTION: speedometer/gauge interchange (M series to ww

Post by Ray Edsall »

G,Day . The gauges should all be interchangable . The only difference is 6, 12 and 24 volt applications . I have seen oil gauges that have a 6,12, 24 volt sender unit .But the hole for the guage is 2 inches . If you arn,t that fussy ,Suck it and see .The army used the kiss{Keep it simple stupid } principle back then . Ray
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Re: QUESTION: speedometer/gauge interchange (M series to ww

Post by motto »

The M Series instruments will physically interchange with the WW2 round ones but some use electric sender units instead of being connected with tubes. The speedo will directly interchange and read correctly. 1,000 RPM = 60 MPH.