Information about early WWII GMC Trucks

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Information about early WWII GMC Trucks

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I found a tabulated website about early WWII GMC Trucks: ... wargmc.htm

The cool thing is that it show contract numbers, engine types used, axle types used, and lots of other information about the early GMC truuks along with items about CCKW's as well.


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Very interesting article, but there was no CCKWX 352 or CCKW with 157" WB, and for some reason the 1574 Cab was not mentioned. back in the 50s we had some surplusClosed Cab CCKWs with CCKW data and Chevrolet printed on the Data Plate. It was discussed in our office but I was not quite as interested about them as I am today. Data plates back then were just something on the truck that we could get numbers off from to put on bills of sale.
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