Moisture in CCKW brake system

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Moisture in CCKW brake system

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While your truck is sitting doing nothing the hydraulic brake system is slowly collecting moisture, especially during Spring and Fall when there is much moisture in the atmosphere and extreme temperature changes occur during a 24 hour period. "DEW POINT" is the term to think of. The Cast Iron components of the brake system get chilled and condensation forms as the temperature drops, the moisture seeks the lowest points in the system. The bottoms of wheel cylinders and master cylinder are the normal places to accumulate. Best way to combat this is to purge your system and install fresh brake fluid every 3 years.

Yes, it happens to the systems with DOT-5 Silicone also.

Another quality tip from good 'ol RANGER here, you will not find good CCKW information like this on any other site. :wink: It is guaranteed to make your CCKW smile :)
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