Crated CCKWS

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Crated CCKWS

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Were crated as Single Unit Pack and (TUP) Two Unit Pack. These were designed to to be reassembled with the basic tool kit supplied with the truck. They had to be a pain to assemble using the clumsy GI tools. Most wrenches were open end, no box end or sockets were used. I am assuming the Vehicle assembly companies overseas were issued more people friendly hand tools such as ratchets and socket wrenches.
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In a motor industry publication from April 1943, the changeover from SUP to TUP shipping by GM was said to have occurred in early 1942. A SUP re-assembly manual recently sold on ebay.

So great were the export boxing demands for military vehicles, that the services of the Pontiac Motor Division's boxing line were required as were the boxing facilities of Chevrolet in St. Louis, MO.

Up to April 1943, 14 different re-assembly manuals had been developed to cover the company's military vehicles.