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Has anyone else experienced this? Except for most WWII and Korean War era Veterans and MV enthusiasts, the general public views the CCKW as just another army truck, and when you explain its history to those who show interest, they consider it a current issue or a National Guard Vehicle.
No big deal here, but these WWII trucks are just another OD colored vehicle to some of the public. If you are at a MV event or an antique truck show, they do draw attention with many questions and nice remarks.
Veterans appreciate them and many can relate to being around these back when they served.
There are some who served in WWII, Korea, and Nam, who never had a ride in a Jeep, or 6x6, even soldiers who served in the Army.
Veterans day will be here soon, and many of us will drive our pride and joy in a parade, in my town the crowds cheer as the MVs go by, I like to think that the applause as my truck goes by is for the WWII veteran who is seated beside me.
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I don't have a CCKW, but I have similar experiences with my Carryall. As it still needs paint (until this summer, it was a Forest Service green), very few realize that it was an old MV. Still, when I drive it around, people do the "RUBBERNECK" when they see it, and you should have heard the cheers it got when I did a Memorial Day parade at the Rockford Speedway a couple of years ago, when they announced what it was. :oops:

Now about Vetern's Day, you remember it used to be called Armistice Day, but more importantly, it should be known as "Ugg's Birthday". :lol:

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