Delco-Remy Voltage regulator application

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Delco-Remy Voltage regulator application

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I have an NOS Delco-Remy 1118505 6 volt 25 Amp Positive ground Voltage Regulator. What vehicles was this VR used in? I have heard it was used in the Chey and GMC WWII trucks. Also heard that it could be used in the Dodge WC1/2 ton 4x4 series trucks as a replacement for the Autolite VRY series 6 volt 25 amp positive ground regulators. Thanks for any Info. :thumbup:
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Re: Delco-Remy Voltage regulator application

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You are correct about it being used on Chevy G506 trucks. It was primarily used on early positive ground trucks, and is listed in the SNL as applying to all models of the G506. They were replaced in production though when they switched to a negative ground system, and also upped the amps to 40. This would be appropriate for an early (1941 or early 1942) truck, but only if it hasn't already been converted to negative ground. These seem to be pretty abundant, with not much demand (not very many un-modified early trucks outthere)and therefore not very expensive.

I'll let other more knowledgeable folks chime in about the other trucks you mentioned...
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