What to restore?

All other trucks not mentioned above.
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What to restore?

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Remember, the bigger the 6X6, the more scarce the sheetmetal and mechanical components, not to mention that they are heavier and more labor intensive to repair. Wireing harnesses, gearboxes, axles and larger tires require deep pockets. Sheetmetal such as fenders, doors,fuel tanks, upholstery, along with windshields are nearly non existant, or if one does find them, they are uaually on the wrong side of of the country, or across the ocean. Stick with the CCKW, the cosmetic parts are also getting scarce, but due to the fact that 562,000 were produced, one stands a much better chance of finding parts. Transportation a 6X6 via tractor trailer averages $3.00+ per mile, and can exceed what you expect to invest in the vehicle.
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Here in Holland parts for a Diamond or Ward LaFrance are available like starters and such but not as much as Jeep Dodge and GMC.
Still not much use for US restorers because of the shipping I guess.
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Turn it all on it's head....

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Many years ago I wanted a Command Car, and (eventually) I found one.

Trouble is that in finding the Command Car I passed by at least three GPA's, one Dodge T212 D8A (Canadian) a Whites Scout Car, four or five DUKWs, and various other stuff which would now all be worth a lot more than the Command Car would.

I think if you are in the market for a 'toy' you should go out and look, but if you find something oddball which is in good restorable condition give serious consideration to grabbing it - either to restore or to pass on to someone that will - it should pay off long term.

Currently I have a Ford MH SnoGo that came to live with me some years back and nobody really wants (see the for sale section) I don't need it, but it is inside in dry storage and gets dusted every now and again and it doesn't eat much. Eventually it'll find a good home.

Finding spares for rare vehicles is no biggie. I've bought pretty much everything I needed for my VC 3 from friends, fellow collectors, or E-Pay. Might get difficult if you bought a one-off though.

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There's at least another Sno-Go in captivity - see:

http://www.g503.com/forums/viewtopic.ph ... f5aa26ef13