Studebaker parts in the uk

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Studebaker parts in the uk

Post by Mally »

Hey guys,

Is there anyone in the uk that owns a US6 Studebaker? and does anyone know if there are any US6's in the UK?

I am trying to find out where i can get engine parts for this truck, i know the running gear is Timken (GMC) so those parts are not hard to get hold of.

If anyone can help at all i would be extremely grateful :D

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Post by RANGER »

Jerry Biro in the US of A is the best supplier of Hercules Engine components anywhere, he is a Hercules Specialist. I will work on his E-Mail address later. His fax is 740-745-2475 in the USofA.
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Only seen one.

Post by Gordon_M »

I did see one at Cyril Groombridge's place twenty years ago down in the south of England, but that's it.

Isn't there a US6 for sale on MILWEB at the minute? or is that the one you are looking for parts for?
Gordon, in Scotland

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Post by Matt »

Hi Mal,

If you PM me your email address I maybe able to help.