Gas tank issues

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Lew Ladwig
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Technician 5th Grade
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Gas tank issues

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My gas tank is fairly rusty inside. I tumbled it and got tons of rust out. But my fuel filter came loose. So, I think I will cut the top open, sand blast the insides, maybe do a light zinc plate on the areas I can set up a bath, then, solder the filter back and then weld it up. Any advise? Seems doable.
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Re: Gas tank issues

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Lew- is this in your WC? My tank never had a 'filter', aside from the tiny screen that was over the pick-up tube. Yes, if your baffles are intact, a rectangular hole cut into the top of the tank is easy. Cut between the baffles, and once open, ensure those baffles are secure! Lots of stories of restoring an (almost) priceless original tank, only to have a baffle come loose and slosh around :lol: .

It is advisable to run some inert gas (truck exhaust) that will cancel out any of the gasoline fuel remnants. Lots of guys like us restore these tanks, but there are always the stories out there of tank blowing up due to old fuel vapor.