Studebaker US6 found...

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Studebaker US6 found...

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In chasing down a IHC lead, I found this Stude sitting out. It actually looks pretty straight and rust free, and all the little gauges and tags are still installed in the dash, still has a good seat in there also.
Unfortunatly the frame was extended about 2' and it was severely overloaded as evidenced by the bent rear suspension parts.
Might be interesting to get a set of rear springs out of a 1.5 ton truck, and a M105 trailer bed, grab one of the tandem axles, and make it into a 4x4.....
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Nice straight cab

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Now if I found that, and it wasn't expensive, I'd just haul it home and file it away somewhere.

I'm sure someone would want it, cab, drivetrain, some suspension and driveline.....
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are US6 that rare??? in the US? jc
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