Needed: Steel bed for CCKW/US-6

All other trucks not mentioned above.
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Needed: Steel bed for CCKW/US-6

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Howdy gang!

I come hat in hand again...anyone have a steel universal WWII 2-1/2 ton bed for sale??? I need it for my US-6 Stude.

Or...anyone have the dimensions for the main lumber pieces of the composite wood-steel beds? I have the metal for one, just not the wood .

And while I'm begging, how about an Anthony bed for an M-5-H6 2-1/2 ton Binder??? (now I'm really pushing it aren't I!)

Oh, one more thing...anyone need the pump & tank goodies off the back of an M-3-L4 International crash truck? I'm turning one into a cargo version. (I haven't exactly been fighting any fires lately)