VC Engine Dating

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Re: VC Engine Dating

Post by 68427vette » ... ORS004.jpg

we are all talking about the engine cast number in this PHOTO, location as being: 63329-5 correct??
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Re: VC Engine Dating

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thats what I would say Jeff
these blocks are confusing as all hell.
I looked at mine again today, no M just the 15.
and the other block is plain as day 1 19 40.

on the T202 in the Fire chief tractor,
If you do not know what these are they are for pulling gang mowers on golf courses, runways etc
I have seen quite a few, for a nose they us a VC type upper with a home made looking lower.
The one i have has the T202, regular Dodge 4 speed tranny and a split rear, like a VF 6 lug
Bob Yard had one that had a T214, 4 speed and the standard WC 3/4 ton rear, 5 lug
I have seen a few at show and they seem to follow the evolution of the VC, VF, Wc as far as components are concerned.
Do you think that Dodge could have been supplying engines from thier truck runs?
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Re: VC Engine Dating

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Hi Ernie,

I think those tractors were built immediately post-war from surplus components?

Any engines Dodge or Chrysler supplied directly for tractor units would much more likely be IND-6 units.

Gordon, in Scotland

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Re: VC Engine Dating

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I talked to Jeff today and he asked me to post my VC-1 engine data:
T202 2367

There was a rebuild tag on my motor "REBUILT" Holabird Q.M. Depot 1-18-43 what are the ods that it was cast and rebuilt on the 18th. I'm just glad that they put a T202 back in the truck.
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