FOUND! Another VF!

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Re: FOUND! Another VF!

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does it run?
Ken J
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Re: FOUND! Another VF!

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It didn't when I bought it, but it does now. I went thru the starter, the generator (voltage regulator not wired up due to lack of markings), the distributor, and the carburetor. No new parts, just clean, lubricate, and paint (well, new points and condenser). Needs plugs and cables, but runs well enough to drive. Fuel pump by-passed with a gas can on the hood for gravity feed. Installed a new oil filter and steel lines, and temporary oil pressure and temperature gauges. I replaced the missing engine oil pan drain plug and installed a cover on the transmission where the PTO was missing. Also swapped the rear axle to my original truck, so this now has a 6-lug rear axle.

I plan to put it up for sale soon. It will be front-wheel-drive because the rear axle was placed at the wrong angle when someone added additional overload leaf springs. The wrong angle makes the U-joint hub closer to the transfer case, and so under compression when the bed is loaded the shaft is too long. Sometimes I really loathe "Bubba" mechanics.
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