Dodge D60 T110L-5 Semi.

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Dodge D60 T110L-5 Semi.

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G'day Everyone
Im looking for info and places to get photos.
Ive got a Dodge D60 T110L-5. Its a 7-ton Australian Army Semi Conversion. It was a Lend Lease truck from Canada.
Any Info would be great.
Regards Chowny
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Well what do you need?

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I think you already know the batch, contract, and approximate Date of Delivery.

Most of the parts info and such is in the manuals which are all over E-Bay and not too expensive - certainly the variations in the T110 series like twin rear wheels, two speed axle, etc, etc.

The basic truck is a 1941-pattern 3 ton with British wheels and axle types plus RHD. If you ar elooking for local help and images, etc, then I would suggest the softskin forums section of Maple Leaf Up;

Lots of down under content and members who might be able to help.
Gordon, in Scotland

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Dodge D60

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Thanks Mate
Ill look on that site and see what i can find.
My old girl has had some army mods ie: 20inch Blitz wheels, Dual tyre rear with 20 inch tyres, Two speed axle, not to mention the trailer.
It was used to run supplys from Alice Springs to Darwin when Darwin was being bombed. ill figure out how to put photos on one day and show you what she looks like.
Regards Chowny