Water pump rebuild

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Water pump rebuild

Post by dougieboy1 »

I bought a rebuild kit and it arrived.

It looks like this.


When i dismantled my water pump, it has a spindle with 2 'blades' on the end and 2 bronze bushes inside the pump housing.

The 2 kits dont look interchangeable to me. Specifically:
1. the front of the new spindle is 0.1 of an inch wider than the old one (i could widen the hole in the pulley mount)
2. The new impeller is significantly thicker than the old 2 bladed affair so i am not sure i will be able to refit the pump backplate

The seller says that there were 2 types of repair kit and although not stated, implies they were interchangeable.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Water pump rebuild

Post by Gordon_M »

It's just as likely that the pump on your truck was in itself a generic replacement, hence the differences. Doesn't sound like you could rebuild your existing pump with that kit.

If that rebuild kit is an original military one, just put it back in the box and keep it, but buy a new complete pump too. I view water pumps as consumable items, like spark plugs. Use them up and replace as a unit.
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