Pistonring slot location on pistons

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Pistonring slot location on pistons

Post by Skyrookie »

Hello guys,

I have posted this also in the facebook group, but I want some more opinions/info :-)

I am in the proces of installing new pistons in my engine...TM's don,t say anything specific about locations of the pistonring slots.

I know you have to place the slots at a certain angle from each other ring, but does it matter where they are all located on the piston?
Some say all slots placed at angle above the pistonpin opening ?

All info/opinions would be appreciated :D
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Re: Pistonring slot location on pistons

Post by Gordon_M »

Not something I've dealt with, but from first principles you would just want to avoid them lining up with each other, I don't think the offset angle would matter.

Maybe each slot 90 degrees from the one below it?
Gordon, in Scotland

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Re: Pistonring slot location on pistons

Post by June J »

normal workshop practice is the stagger the ring gaps, and on a 4 ring piston you would start at 0 degrees and go from there. It does not need to be exact. The ring gaps should not line up with each other under any circumstances.

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