WC63 canvas

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WC63 canvas

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What would be a good company to purchase the canvas for a WC63 from? I do have a gun mount for it since that makes a difference. I have been waiting for almost 6 months for a company from England to produce mine. Still waiting. I am located on the West Coast of the USA.
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Re: WC63 canvas

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I purchased mine from Beechwood Canvas in the USA some years ago and am quite happy with it. I don't know if they can supply a canvas with the opening for the gun mounting. You may have to get their top modified by somebody else.

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Re: WC63 canvas

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Would that be John and Mary at CanvasCo? They did the top for my WC-51, and I finally got it in early July after ordering in January... Good quality on the work, but not real wild about the chromed leather pieces... I would far rather have preferred brown tanned leather, as the big silvery white patches just do not look right to me. Also would have preferred a darker and more olive shade... But it is what it is, and not bad.

The wait was rather long, however... But they will get finished eventually.

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Re: WC63 canvas

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A friend just purchased a set of WC52 canvas from Canvasco. I am absolutely impressed. Scott, the raw leather is correct, and I can't find anything else on the job that I am not happy with. The died leather on other makes will bleed out and stain the canvas; that's why it was made raw originally. It was worth the wait, and I will use them when I need my next canvas.
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