First start went great!

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First start went great!

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Almost two years ago I acquired a used M-37 engine with the purchase of my Carryall. It had been stored outdoors for a few years, but it was sealed up, and under a tarp. It had a rebuilders tag on it, but no date. The seller “RUSS” believed it was a good engine, and it looked it, the oil was still yellow.

In the past few months I completely re-wired the truck & ran new steel fuel lines.

I put a pertronix module in the distributor, turned the engine to 7-8 degrees btdc, and static timed it by turning the dist, with the ignition on, until it fired the timing light.

I rebuilt the Carter WA-1 carb because I figured it would be dried out & dirty. It was perfectly clean inside and I don’t think it ever had gas in it from it’s last rebuild. The leather accelerator pump was scored from oxidation in the bore. I cleaned up the bore with some 800 grit paper, and installed a new leather pump & alcohol resistant needle & seat.

I had a temporary battery & cables set up to test my re-wiring work, gauges, etc.

I installed an electric fuel pump back by the gas tank. This pump is only to prime the line after sitting for awhile. The pump is controlled by a toggle switch. It is plumbed parallel into the fuel line with a couple of three-way fittings. The direct line to the tank has a one-way valve to prevent the electric pump from pushing fuel back to the tank, when its on... the engine has a new mechanical fuel pump installed.

By today I would not be surprised if the engine had been sitting for five or more years...I was concerned about sticking valves and other unforeseen issues. I cranked it over a few times to get some oil flow, it sounded ok. So I poured a little gas down the carb, put on the choke, turned on the ignition switch, and hit the starter pedal. It immediately fired up and after a few seconds idled smoothly; what a relief. Thank you Russ.

I have been performing this work in a storage unit, with no lights, no heat (30 degrees today), and no electricity. I power my soldering iron from an outlet in my Jeep and use rechargeable led lights to see... I feel like Tony Stark has nothing on me... jk
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Re: First start went great!

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that is good news. nice to not have to spend a bunch on a rebuild. got pics?
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Re: First start went great!

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Wow, thats awesome!!! and thats commitment :wink:

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