Great War vehicles

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Great War vehicles

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Hello gents
I was wondering if anybody has tried to get a count on the number of WW 1 vehicles remaining. If we could do it here and also I will post the question across the pond on the British site dedicated to early military vehicles. If you would then either post your vehicle or one that you know to be in a collection or museum maybe we could get a total as we approach the 100th anniversary of the Great War.
I will start with the 4 known m1918 Dodge Light Repair trucks.
2 in private hands , 1 at Ft MacArthur , 1 at PA Military History Museum.
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Re: Great War vehicles

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I think the most knowledgable person would be 'Great War Truck" on the HMVF site. I'm watching that team starting on a WW1 Thorneycroft now, since the Dennis is about finished.
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